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Dallas returns with Season 3 February 24th

Watch the TNT promos for Dallas and then tighten your seatbelts because it is gonna be a bumpy ride for sure.

Christopher and John Ross Ewing

Dallas stars Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing,the head of the Ewing family,( following the death of his older brother, J.R. Ewing) Bobby is going to have his hands full dealing with the family and their enemies.
Linda Gray stars as Sue Ellen Ewing, the mother of J.R,'s son, John Ross III (Josh Henderson).Sue Ellen will do anything to help her son , nothing will stop her.

Looks like John Ross is becoming J.R. in more ways then one. He is as sneaky and manipulative as his father, cheating and lying and bedding every filly in sight. he intends to lay claim to all of the Ewing holdings, especially Southfork.

Christopher is still out to prove himself as a true Ewing and is trying to make a name for himself. His broken engagement and learning of the death of his mother, Pamela Ewing, is playing tricks with his concentration. Can he pull himself together to come out on top?

After having received information about the original deed to her father’s land, Elena(Jordana Brewster, Christopher's ex fiance) is out for revenge and for justice for her father who was cheated by the Ewings. Also her brother Drew (Kuno Becker), and mother, Carmen (Marlene Forte), the Southfork Ranch housekeeper. Elena will have an ally in an old childhood friend, Nicolas Trevino( Juan Pablo Di Pace).

When Cliff Barnes made an attempt to sabotage a Ewing oil rig it resulted in injuring his daughter, Pamela Barnes (Julie Gonzalo), and killing her and Christopher’s unborn twins, Cliff suddenly found his daughter turning against him. Having helped the Ewings gain a controlling interest in Barnes Global, Pamela is now determined to find a happy ending with John Ross, and make a home for herself on Southfork Ranch. Cliff is awaiting a trial for the murder of J.R..

Bobby’s wife, Ann (Brenda Strong), battles with Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), her detestible ex-husband who is in jail for drug smuggling. Ann is trying to build a relationship with her daughter, Emma (Emma Bell),who has a secret life mommy knows nothing about, having teamed up with John Ross to make trouble for daddy Harris. Ann has more trouble than she can handle with the return of Harris’ controlling mother, Judith (Judith Light).

Dallas can be seen on TNT starting February 24th.

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