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Dallas’ returns to TNT; show offers gas to fans at $1.98 gallon in NYC (photos)

The Ewing Energies opened the first real gas station in New York City on Monday and the locals are going to be pleased. In honor of the upcoming season Dallas, TNT made a gas station into the company seen on the show, Ewing Energies. The best part? The gas station will be offering gas for $1.98 a gallon. Armed with a big scissors, Josh Henderson (who is John Ross Ewing III on Dallas) cut the red ribbon at the station and the locals around 10th Avenue at 36th Street can pick up gas cheap all day. According to NACS Online on Monday, the address was released to fans first on the Dallas Facebook page Monday morning.

Actor Josh Henderson attends the ribbon cutting ceremony at TNT’s Dallas Ewing Energies Flagship Gas Station in New York City on February 24, 2014
Photo by Larry Busacca

The promotion offered fans a reason to pay attention to the return of Dallas on Monday. With shenanigans as big as Texas, the country will never be the same when Ewing Energies tries to cut down the competition with low prices and over the top good looks.

Dallas fans can hardly wait to see what drama is cooked up next on the show. With so many story lines, it is easy to get into the show and really enjoy the characters. Which is quite funny as some critics suggested the story could never be revived after the success years ago. Obviously they were wrong and today the show is stronger than ever.

Take a look at the slideshow of the Ewing Energies gas station. At a $1.98 a gallon there probably were people lined up for blocks as gas isn't cheap these days!

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