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Dallas residents not pleased with new fee on single-use plastic bags

Not that groceries were already expensive enough! Now, it looks like this will force people to buy even less groceries, since, they, now have to think about either paying the fee for each plastic bag used or remembering to bring enough reusable bags, every time they make a trip to the grocery store.

Most people, I know, might have two or three of those bags lying around at the most! Before long, all grocery stores will be charging to use grocery carts too? Wait, that sounds familiar! Doesn't a store called ALDI USA already do all of this?

The Dallas City council recently passed the county ordinance in an 8-6 vote. The proposal orders retailers to charge a $0.05 fee for one-time use plastic bags and partially ban them from city-owned facilities.

In addition, retailers are required to register with the city and track the number of single-use bags sold, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Oh yeah, retailers get to keep 10 percent of the environmental fee, while the remainder goes to fund so-called "fund enforcement and education efforts." The retailers should do well for themselves banking on this bag fee when the average person spends at least $100 on average.

Jessica Amrozowicz Kerins, a college professor at Eastfield said she already uses reusable bags, so she's fine with the ordinance. She said store employees just need to learn the correct way to bag reusable bags.

"Why does it take twice as long to pack my groceries," Kerins said.

Funny how the city is okay with plastic bags considered multi-use to be given away at city-owned facilities and events, as well as plastic bags given away at restaurants but not single-use bags from grocery stores? Seems like all plastic bags should be treated equally, right?

Those opposing city council members said the city spends $4 million dollars a year in trash pick-up, yet trash, still remains.

Gary Huddleston, head of the Texas Retailers Association thinks a better recycling program is the real solution to the problem not punishing the consumers and retailers.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the ordinance goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

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