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Dallas Lovato takes flight with voice role in 'Wings: Sky Force Heroes'

Actress Dallas Lovato has lent her voice to the animated film 'Wings: Sky Force Heroes.'
Courtesy of Lionsgate

While most people may know her as the sister of Demi Lovato, Dallas Lovato has been quietly making a name for herself as a voice actress, and her most recent role is that of Lamb Chop in the new Lionsgate sequel, Wings: Sky Force Heroes. The follow-up to 2012's Wings, the flick sees firefighting plane Ace (voiced by Josh Duhamel) return to join a cast of characters for further high-flying adventures. Before the film hit DVD last week, we sat down with Dallas to talk about being a part of it and her collaboration with director Mychal Simka.

"The process for me is completely different," she told us. "I was not in the first movie, so I kind of wanted to know a little bit about it. Typically, whenever I book a sequel or whatever, I don't like to know anything. If I really connect with the project, I don't want to know.

"I was obsessed with Desperate Housewives, and my little sister Madison [de la Garza] plays Eva Longoria's daughter [Juanita]. When she ended up booking it, my mom wanted me to be her coach...and I did not want to see what happened!" she laughed. "I like to be surprised too. Part of the fun of the project is being surprised. However, since I wasn't in the first [Wings], it was necessary for me to do my research."

Sky Force Heroes re-teamed Dallas with Simka, with whom she'd previously worked on two other animated features, Birds of Paradise and Snowflake, The White Gorilla. "Mychal and I have a very awesome working relationship," Dallas enthused. "I've done a lot of voice acting, throughout when I first started acting. I kind of took a break from that for awhile, because I was focusing on live action. It just so happened that when I was getting back into voice-overs, my agent called me and said I have a direct offer from Mychal.

"The projects that I work on with Mychal vary from every role I've done before," she continued. "Mychal has a very unique approach to working with his actors. He gives us the reins, puts us in complete creative control, and helps guide us...After he saw that he and I worked really well together, now he'll just call me. He'll be like 'I need you to do another movie, can you be at my studio at 10 AM?' And I'll say 'Okay.' I won't know what character I'm doing, what my lines are, or what the movie is about until I get into the booth and put on the headphones.

"What's awesome is a lot of times, we'll have a set script," Dallas added. "However, because he trusts his actors completely, we'll get in the studio and he'll be like, 'Say what you want to say,' and the scene will turn out completely different. It's really, really unique."

Dallas's enthusiasm for acting in any shape or form is evident not only in her performances, but in her work off-camera, too. She's devoted to helping other aspiring actors get the most out of their careers. "I'm an acting coach and I have been for a couple years now," she told us. "My passion is voice acting and acting coaching. It's cool to be able to be a voice actor and also be able to teach and spread the knowledge that I've learned to help other people. I love helping people get their big break."

It's somewhat amusing that her most recent role is in a movie about planes, because until recently, she wasn't that fond of them. "For a really long time I was terrified of flying on planes," Dallas laughed. "However, since my family has become more successful throughout the years and had the opportunity to go all kinds of places, it doesn't bother me. I'm actually getting on a plane tomorrow to go to Austin for my best friend's birthday!"

She'll likely be on the go even more in the future. With her energy both on and off-screen, the sky's the limit for this talented actress.

Wings: Sky Force Heroes is now available on demand and on DVD. For more with Dallas, you can follow her on Twitter (@DallasLovato).

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