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Dallas libertarians buy Dallas Buyers Club

"Dallas Buyers Club is the most Libertarian movie of the year," Fred377 emailed Dallas Libertarian Examiner. "Did you see it or hear about it?"

Crossdresser Rayon (Jared Leto) and cowboy Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) fight AIDS and the establishment in Dallas Buyers Club.
Anne Marie Fox/

Ending its run in Metroplex theaters this week the movie, starring Mathew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto, is based on as close as Hollywood ever gets to a "true story."

According to online sources the true story is about "real-life Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof," as portrayed by McConaughey, whose party-hardy lifestyle abruptly ended in 1985 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive.

This was during the early days of the AIDS epidemic, when victims were assumed to be homosexuals and therefore routinely shunned and ostracized by friends and no "government-approved effective medicines" were available.

This is where the "most libertarian" part of the story, and the movie, begins.

Refusing to roll over and die on a waiting list while a nonresponsive government behemoth dithers, Woodroof took control of his own life and began – as one synopsis put it – "tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal."

The real story is about his entrepreneurial spirit, how he bands together with other renegades and outcasts, including the transsexual Rayon played by Jared Leto and other members of the gay community whom he himself would have shunned in his earlier life.

They smuggle "illegal" medications into the country from Mexico, challenge the "official" legal, medical and scientific establishments and defy government sanctions against selling "non-approved" medicines and supplements by establishing the Dallas Buyers Club to help others in the same plight.

Fred377 isn't the only observer who saw the movie's libertarian message.

"Dallas Buyers Club Is a Terrific Libertarian Movie" – David Boaz, Cato Institute

"The Dallas Buyers Club" – Tim Lynch, Cato Institute

"Anyone with a libertarian inclination will exult in the excellent movie, Dallas Buyers Club." Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.,

And from North Texas' own:

"Dallas Buyers Club is a terrific movie with a strong libertarian message about self-help, entrepreneurship, overbearing and even lethal regulation, and social tolerance." – Tim Lebsack, a.k.a. That Damn Libertarian.

But leave it to one reviewer, Groggy Dundee, who admits to being "a statist scrooge" for calling the movie "a perfect libertarian fable" because it criticizes the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.

If you miss the movie in the theaters you can still get it via Blockbuster – oops, nope – via Red Box, Netflix, Movies on Demand, Amazon, etc.

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