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Dallas Fort Worth - where the jobs are

In my review of factors causing the intense growth in the Dallas Fort Worth area, it is clear that many people are coming to this area because of jobs. We live in a world that requires employment. Some people will tell you that you can live off the government dole. Maybe you can, but if you want to get ahead in America, you better find a job. Success in America requires employment.

The DFW metro-plex is loaded with people from not only other states, but from across the world. The first time I ever visited this area was in December of 2000. The very first person outside of the airport I interacted with was a Pakistani immigrant who had been here for three years. He told me he came here for work and to build a better life for himself.

I continue to speak to people every day and ask them where they are from and why they came here. I have met people from every state in the union and to a person, they all say they came here because they were laid off in their old state and Texas was known to have a lot of jobs.

In fact, according to the Dallas Morning News,  Dallas Forth Worth has 25 Fortune 500 companies located in the metro-plex. These are not companies that just do business here; their corporate headquarters are located in Dallas Forth Worth and each company employees tens of thousands of people. Add to that the thousands of other Fortune 500 companies that have significant facilities here and you begin to see the magnitude of the economy. I have come to call Dallas Fort Worth “New York City South”. This is the big regional job center in the South. People come for the good, the bad and the jobs.



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