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Dallas Cowboys will drop Tony Romo the minute they choose to move on

Dallas Cowboys will draft a quarterback when they move on from Romo
Dallas Cowboys will draft a quarterback when they move on from Romo
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have not drafted a quality starting quarterback since they chosen Troy Aikman in 1989. However, according to ESPN on Feb. 3, the Cowboys have made it sound like they will try to find their next quarterback the minute they choose to move away from Tony Romo.

Other than Troy Aikman, the only quarterbacks the Dallas Cowboys chose in the NFL Draft were Bill Musgrave, Quincy Carter and Stephen McGee. Musgrave lasted one season in Dallas and five in the NFL. Since 1997, he has been a coach. Carter was a huge flop who recently failed in his comeback to an arena league. McGee was a backup that Dallas dropped last season.

However, the word is that, when Dallas decides it is time to move on from Tony Romo, they will draft a star quarterback in that year's NFL Draft and immediately start him. It will be similar to what the Indianapolis Colts did with Andrew Luck when they drafted him and sent Peyton Manning on his way.

Dallas will not want to deal with a backup learning the ropes or a quarterback controversy, and will just throw the new quarterback into the fire. It is how they broke Troy Aikman into the game when they drafted him with the first overall pick and then had him start, losing all but one game in his rookie season.

Tony Romo isn't going anywhere for a long time, but at least when he does, it sounds like the Dallas Cowboys won't wait to find his replacement.