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Dallas Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden as their third quarterback

Dallas Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden
Dallas Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys just signed Brandon Weeden, the Cleveland Browns first round draft pick from two seasons ago, to be the third quarterback on their roster. According to ESPN on March 17, Weeden will join Dallas in case their backup Kyle Orton decides to retire this offseason.

Signing a third quarterback, especially one that is considered a major NFL Draft flop, seems like a waste of money that the Cowboys should be using to fix their defense. However, Dallas got a good deal considering Weeden was a former high round pick and only signed him for a two year, $1.23 million deal with no bonus money.

If he makes the team, it will likely be because Kyle Orton chooses to retire. In that case, Orton will have to pay Dallas back $3 million of his $5 million signing bonus, which saves Dallas even more money.

The downfall is that Weeden hasn't been any good since his days in college with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He was outplayed last year by journeyman Jason Campbell and young Brian Hoyer. Through his two years in the NFL, Weeden has more interceptions (26) than touchdowns (23) and has a 71.8 QB rating.

Maybe he could work in a limited role as a backup, but if Dallas Cowboys struggled in the past with Jon Kitna and Kyle Orton as the backup, one has to wonder how secure they would feel with Brandon Weeden stepping into the role if Tony Romo goes down again.