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Dallas Cowboys rumors: Adrian Peterson interested in signing with Cowboys

Adrian Peterson discussed signing with the Cowboys at some point in his NFL career.
Adrian Peterson discussed signing with the Cowboys at some point in his NFL career.
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys rumors about acquiring Adrian Peterson suddenly surfaced due to comments the running back made. Peterson to Cowboys rumors will be talked about for several years to come, especially since the All Pro just revealed he would like to play for the franchise. According to a report from ESPN on Thursday (Aug. 28), he told owner Jerry Jones over the phone that he would like to play for the team when he ends his time with the Minnesota Vikings. It certainly got the printing presses running.

There are certainly questions about tampering that could arise from this situation, with Peterson entering the fourth year of a seven-year contract with his current team. The deal was worth $100 million when he signed it and it will pay him $11.75 million for the 2014 NFL season. Typically players on other teams are not allowed to be courted by opposing owners, but the argument could be made that Peterson was simply making conversation about where he sees his career in a few seasons.

Addressing these Dallas Cowboys rumors about Adrian Peterson, owner Jerry Jones stated that he didn’t feel anything was done wrong here. Peterson also released a statement that reads, “This was a casual conversation between NFL colleagues in which I never indicated I wanted to leave the Vikings. I have always said I understand the NFL is a business but that I would love to retire as a Viking." As the Vikings don’t show up on the 2014 Cowboys schedule, it’s possible that this story could die down as the regular season gets going.