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Dallas Cowboys release DeMarcus Ware

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On March 11 NFL announces that the Dallas Cowboys have released DeMarcus Ware after an injury-plagued season, saving themselves $12.25 million.

The Cowboys have been known for holding onto veteran players far too long, however Ware didn't get the same courtesy and was cut before just one year before his contract ended. Ware is one of the best players that the Cowboys have had in the past 15 years. Ware is one of the greatest players in franchise history and will no doubt be picked up by another team, however, the Cowboys have to be feeling their loss. DeMarcus Ware has become one of the most enticing names to enter the free agency, and NFL has ranked him one of the top 10 players available overall.

The Cowboys will surely be active in the free agency this year as they have nearly no defensive line. They are badly in need of pass rushers in the defensive end and defensive tackle.

This is the first time DeMarcus Ware is a free agent and now he will have to decide whether or not he wants to play as a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme or go back to a 3-4 scheme that he's always done well with in the past. It is expected that he will have a fair amount of teams wanting as he has always been a factor when he plays.

What do you think of the Cowboys releasing DeMarcus Ware? Was it a smart move?