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Dallas Cowboys prepared to cut Demarcus Ware before season starts

DeMarcus Ware celebrating a turnover
DeMarcus Ware celebrating a turnover
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to on Wednesday, DeMarcus Ware may have seen his last days with the Dallas Cowboys. The star defensive end is scheduled to undergo elbow surgery on Tuesday, and his injury history may be enough cause for Dallas to part from their franchise defensive player.

According to Mike Fisher, Ware has experienced “elbow injuries for the past two seasons,” and it was a factor in him struggling in 2013. DeMarcus Ware only accounted for six sacks, so the Dallas front office hopes the surgery will help him get back to his previous form.

DeMarcus Ware told ESPN Dallas that the slightest touch would hurt his elbow. "It's been killing me," Ware stated on Tuesday.

Although Ware expects to participate in OTAs, there’s no guarantee that he will be a Cowboy once the calendar hits May.

Currently, Ware is reluctant to take a pay cut to stay with Dallas, so instead of taking a huge hit with the cap, the Cowboys may just release him.

According to, Dallas has a few options left on the table.

The renegotiated paycut is the optimal idea. But if Ware does not budge, the Cowboys can cut Ware before June 1, thus moving the cap charge from $16 million to $8.5 million – a savings of $7.5 million.
Another option is to make Ware a post-June 1 cut. If the Cowboys release Ware after June 1, the cap hit amounts to $8 million spread over the ensuing two years; that’s better than being on the hook for what’s left on his contract, which includes cap hits of $16 million (in 2014), $17 million (in 2015), $14 million (in 2016) and $14 million (in 2017).

The Dallas defense was awful last season and it may be better for “America’s Team” to part ways with the future Hall-of-famer. While it may come as shock, these type of moves happen all the time.

If Ware does get released before the season, he would be a great pickup for a team in the NFC West.


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