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Dallas Cowboys might lose Tony Romo like DeMarcus Ware down the line

Dallas Cowboys might lose Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys might lose Tony Romo
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

DeMarcus Ware did the Dallas Cowboys a lot of favors over the past few seasons, restructuring his contract so the team could sign free agents to try to compete. To pay him back for those favors, the Cowboys released him this week. According to ESPN on March 14, there is a chance that is the future of Tony Romo as well.

In the 2011 NFL season, when Ware racked up 19.5 sacks, his base pay was under $700,000. He did make about $6 million thanks to roster bonuses though. The reason that his base pay was so low was because he renegotiated and took a pay deferral until later seasons and had to earn the extra money he made.

That payment deferral came this year when he was scheduled to make about $16 million. Dallas couldn’t afford his salary and could get $7.5 million to use this year if they cut their all-time sacks leader. DeMarcus Ware signed with the Denver Broncos.

This year, Tony Romo restructured his deal, knocking $10 million off what the team owed him this season to help them get under the salary cap to begin with. He took $12.5 million of this year’s salary and converted it into a signing bonus. That makes his base salary this year $1 million. Next year, his cap number will become $27.7 million. That is what happens when a team tries to borrow from one player to pay another.

Next year, Dallas will probably ask Romo to restructure his deal again next year, pushing off what they owe him even longer. Then, in 2016, he may cost way too much. Dallas is hoping the salary cap will raise enough to make up for it, but if it doesn’t then Tony Romo could become the latest restructuring casualty for the Dallas Cowboys.