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Dallas Cowboys: Josh Brent's attorneys hoping jury panelist have no clue

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This is an opinion story:

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The nerve of some people. Or how about the nerve of some defense attorneys?

Josh Brent, former NFL defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, was in court and he is being charged with aggravated vehicular manslaughter, and or just manslaughter in a Dallas court room.

As a the prosecutor on Monday showed the video of a dash cam and with smoke still arising from the accident, one Josh Brent can not perform a police sobriety test saying...

I have a good buzz going on.

Brent has a great lawyer in George Milner. He and his team is paid and they are doing the job, saying in their statement on Monday to the jurors, that the 320-pound former lineman could safely drink more than most people.

Josh Brent is as big as a house. He was guilty of being stupid and driving too fast, but he was not drunk.

Really? Anyone else would be, but oh no, this is Josh Brent, he wasn’t drunk. No…but he had “a good buzz going on.” In other words he was impaired. Simple as that. Brent's blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.189 percent, more than double the legal amount. Why he didn’t plead this case is beyond me.

So should Brent be able to drink double the amount of a regular sized guy because he is as big as two regular sized guys? Got to admit, it is a strategic classic coming from Milner. But hey, that is why he gets paid the big bucks right?

The prosecutor Heath Harris started his opening statement with an old familiar tune in drinking and driving cases…

This is not a difficult case, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no disputing the fact that he was drinking that night.

As for Brent’s attorney, he is hoping those sitting on the jury are stupid. But then again, there are a lot of people that are too stupid to get out of jury duty, so he may just find that one dumb one. Or with football being a religion in Texas, that one stupid one that is a football fan, and feels sorry for him because he is a former Dallas Cowboy. Could happen. In fact, it just may be likely to happen. Reason? The jury will decide the sentence in this case, not the judge.

The fact is, someone on this jury may buy this hogwash excuse. They only need one stupid jurist to give him the ole’ not guilty. The prosecution, I hope, is ready and has credible and interesting experts that will disprove this non-sense. The prosecution also needs to make sure the expert does not put the jury to sleep. Brent, is also accused of driving with an expired and suspended license. He has pleaded not guilty. Expired and suspended. It is obvious this man ignores the law. It is as simple as that. The defense may be holding out to see if they can get a better plea to bargain with in this case. But his license was not valid. It was also suspended. So legally he should not have been driving in the first place. Then drinking and driving. Then killing Jerry Brown in the accident? What are we missing?

However, if Brent’s attorney gets him off for these unthinkable crimes, that anyone else would be nailed to the wall for, he will be well worth the money. Brent will also be happy his advocate found the right jury members to put this accused murder back on the street.

Also in play here is the fact that Jerry Brown's family has forgiven Brent. That being said, who cares if Brown's mother says she has forgiven Brent. It isn’t about her, believe it or not. It is about Brent and his willingness to break the law without worry of answering to his lawlessness.

There are many people in jail today that are bigger, and have paid, or are paying their debt to society for the same exact thing he did. There are many who have driven and had expired and suspended licenses before as well that have done or are doing time.

I hope the fact Brent being a former Dallas Cowboy does not in any way sway this jury, and let him get away with this crime.

The prosecutor says…

The blood doesn’t lie.

He may be right, however stupidity could come into play here from the jury. Let's hope not. It will be a sad day if it happens.


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