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Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones says team entertains a lot when not practicing

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday night when TMZ photographers rushed up to him. The photog asked Jones about Stephen Jones heading to a nightclub in the team bus when a lot of girls. Jones told the photog that when the Dallas Cowboys aren’t practicing, they entertain a lot of their clients as part of the Dallas Cowboys entertainment experience.

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That wasn’t the only question that TMZ asked Jerry Jones. They also brought up how Stephen Jones socialized at a nightclub with the NFL vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino. There were a lot of questions concerning this association and a conflict of interest between the Cowboys and the NFL officiating committee. There is a thought of competitive advantage and many owners in the NFL have questioned this and expressed their concerns.

Jones dismissed the concerns as overblown. According to the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, the officiating in the NFL is as great as it has been since he purchased the Cowboys 25 years ago. He wants people to know that there is nothing to worry about.

What is disappointing to many Dallas Cowboys fans is that this TMZ interview came shortly after photos of Jones with strippers surfaced on the Internet. The photos were from five years ago and show Jones getting cozy with two strippers from Dallas. Apparently, someone tried to extort money from Jones and both strippers have gotten lawyers, claiming they had nothing to do with the leaked photos.

All in all, it has been a tough week for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Since the embarrassing photos, Stephen Jones questionable decisions and Jerry Jones explaining it away, the Cowboys’ owner tried to keep a low profile at practice on Saturday. Jones stayed far away from the media and only descended long enough to sign some autographs for fans before retreating.


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