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Dallas Cowboys injury update: Sean Lee cleared for workouts

Dallas Cowboys get Sean Lee back from injury
Dallas Cowboys get Sean Lee back from injury
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While the Dallas Cowboys have lost some serious talent on the defensive line, their linebacker corps remain a source of strength. According to ESPN on March 19, the heart and soul of the defense Sean Lee has been cleared to return to workout with the Dallas Cowboys following his season ending neck injury.

Lee missed the final three games of 2013. Even though he said that he wanted to come back to help Dallas try to make the postseason, his injury was too severe. Before his injury, Lee was the team leader with 99 tackles and four interceptions. The injury came in the third quarter of a game with the Chicago Bears.

The injury was torn ligaments and he couldn't pass the medical tests to return.

While Lee has been the best player on the Cowboys' defense the past few seasons, he has been severely injury prone. He has missed a total of 18 games over the last four seasons, including 10 games in 2012 with a toe injury.

Sean Lee said that he does not agree that he is "injury prone," because his injuries are not recurring injuries to the same part of the body, similar to Miles Austin and his hamstring problems. He was rolled up on when he hurt his tow and he was hit by his own teammate for the neck injury.