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Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware needs to tell Jerry Jones - Up Yours!

DaMarcus Ware of your Dallas Cowboys is reportedly being told in order for him to remain a Cowboys, he will need to take a pay cut. A big one in fact. And there is no guarantee Ware will be a Cowboys in 2014.

Ware, if cut, will save $7.8 million against the cap. Ware is due $12.25 million in base salary in 2014. So the Cowboys have to ask the question, not to Ware, but to themselves. Are they better at the beginning of the season without Ware? I say this because there are reports out there that says he doesn’t want to take a pay cut. Now if they could restructure his deal like they do for Tony Romo every year, then Ware will stay, but cutting too much off what he is due to make with the Cowboys, he is sure to get somewhere else.

So why not make the Cowboys commit to him? Ware in fact has nothing to lose if the Cowboys want to have him take a pay cut, he could end up on a Super Bowl contending team anchoring a defensive line else where at the same money the Cowboys will try and make him take with a pay cut.

Ware stays if he gets $10 Million. Any less he is gone. And I guess I do not understand why Ware needs to take that hit. In fact, he should go if they offer him less that $10 Million.

Sure he hasn’t had the dominating years, but imagine this team without him. It isn’t like he was not producing at all, ala Jay Ratliff, and his off the field problems just weeks after the Josh Brent incident. Ware has been a good guy, and good teammate, and what you want for your team.

If you think this defense was bad with Ware, just imagine it will get worse without him. Restructure do what you want Jerry Jones, but you better make sure Ware is a Cowboy, or he could come back and haunt your team for a long time. Whether it is Ware on a another team you face, or the fact his replacement will not even be close to his talent.

Me, I hope he stays, but I will be happy for him if he ends up somewhere else. Like a Super Bowl contending team, and he gets a ring. All the B.S. Ware has put up with over the years, he is a guy that deserves all he can get. If the Cowboys can blow money on Romo, who has not produced ANYTHING, why can't the Cowboys pony up for their best player on the defensive side of the ball.

Ware needs to tell Jones and the Cowboys - Up Yous!


Sonny Clark is back. Yes, the outspoken often imitated Sonny Clark is coming back to talk about the 2014 Dallas Cowboys.

I took a step back from writing about your Dallas Cowboys last year, because I was tired of talking about the Cowboys. The same old - same old regarding them, and I actually prefer indoor football.

However I received an email, not from a fan, but someone that despises what I write. However, he realized that I was a not a “Cowboy Hater”, more so than a “Cowboys Realist“. He told me that the fans needed to read about what I write because, I was not a suck up to Jerry Jones and the Boys, and especially life long , love em’ or leave my Cowboys alone fans. So I am back to lead you back to the promise land of reality for your Dallas Cowboys, realistic - non ESPN influenced view of the Cowboys. So I am back…