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Dallas Cowboys at 1-4 are NFL's laughing stock, so fire someone!

Roy Williams is having a career year with the Cowboys, who are 1-4 and feeling worse
Roy Williams is having a career year with the Cowboys, who are 1-4 and feeling worse
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  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    the team needs a leader at QB, Coach, TE. I like the Kicker. He tackles better than any other kicker in the NFL. Probably need that with the Cowboys special teams.

  • redfield 5 years ago

    so your saying Jason Witten, arguably one of the best TE's in the league with a compliment of Martellus bennet and john phillips is not enough at TE? And Tony Romo is a leader, he doesn't seem strong willed in interviews but if you've ever seen any cowboys player mic'ed up or seen romo after bad plays, he gets on people asses and helps get players pumped. And head coach is stupid, there can never BE a head coach in dallas as long as Jerry Jones is GM, he controls way too much of the team for a head coach to even make THAT much of an impact.

  • Staubach 5 years ago

    Jerry Jones should fire himself from making any football decisions. He is still trying to prove something to Jimmy Johnson

    Mostly bad choices at coach, some poor draft choices at offensive lineman... It is all Jerry Jones' fault, that is why he cannot fire Wade

  • Danny W. 5 years ago

    With Jerry Jones as GM and owner, history is doomed to repeat itself.
    Jimmy Johnson built a powerhouse football team, winning 2 superbowls (and one
    can argue that without the ineptitude of Jerry & the hiring of Barry Switzer,
    they may have won an astounding 4 superbowls). Jerry replaces Jimmy with
    Barry, things immediately start going downhill because of the lack of team
    discipline (remember Troy's rumblings at the time). Barry did win a Superbowl
    with jimmy's players, but he was no Jimmy. Then onto Chan Gailey, again less
    discipline (remember Troy's rumlings, the White House, Irvin's problems) and
    even less respect for the coach. The losses start to pile up so out goes
    Gailey and in comes Campo. Again, Campo was a great players' coach but no
    team discipline & no respect because everyone knew to go to Jerry if they
    needed anything.
    Finally, Jerry gets' fed up with the losing and hires Bill Parcells. Let it
    be known that I was not then or ever a Bill Parcells fan but he installed
    discipline (or fear?) back in the cowboys leading the them to the playoffs in
    2 of 3 years, slowly building momentum. One could argue it was Jerry's
    tinkering bringing in Terrell Owens that cost the cowboys one of those
    playoff years as the Hollywood attitude (stats over the team), selfishness,
    and drama was brought back into the lockerroom (was that the year
    Tony(Jessica) & Jason went to Cabo?). About that same time Payton (head coach
    New Orleans) & Haley (O.C. of NFC champs Cardinals & Head of Chiefs) left the
    Cowboys. They both knew Bill was about to leave and neither chose to stay on
    and run America's Team. (why?) Then along comes Wade. Good ol wade. The team
    appeared to be building momentum (at the time - how many of the current
    cowboys are from Bill's tenure? - see J. Johnson above). The first year
    post-Bill, they have the best record in the NFC, playoff homefield, and they
    quickly bow out after an inexusable first round loss. The second year, they
    underachieve and the last game of the year against Philly with the playoffs
    in their grasp, they stink up Philadelphia. Third year removed from Bill, the
    cowboys appear the best team in the NFC, knocking off undefeated New Orleans
    & routing Philly for the last game and first round playoff, then go up to
    Minnesota and stink it up. Now Year 4 post-Bill, talks of first home
    superbowl to be played in Dallas and the most talented cowboy team in years
    stumbles to a 1-4 start. Maybe they are eating the stinky cheese (Bill).
    I have nothing against any of these coaches and they all apear to be scholars
    & gentlemen alike, but head-coaches with Jerry as boss, I may beg to differ.
    Jerry owns the team and he is free to run it as he wants, but if he wants to
    keep the marketing dollars rolling in, he must field a winner. There is a
    whole generation growing up right now that wonders why the media focuses so
    much on the cowboys. To them they are just a bunch of has beens, no different
    than the 49'ers.
    Yes, history does seem to be repeating itself, and from what I can tell, it is once again doom to have a tragic ending for us cowboys fans.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    That'd be former DB Roy Williams (now with Cincy)...NOT WR Roy Williams in the photo. (b.t.w. Roy the receiver is just now in his THIRD season with the Cowboys...he's been FAR from disappointing this year...saying "three years of shocking disappointment" is INCORRECT)

    The Special Teams ARE bad...saying they IS bad sounds like a toothless hillbilly who never finished third grade.

    Throw in the flag??? That's what the officials do with great regularity at Cowboys games....throw in the TOWEL is what most folks do when they give's a boxing analogy.

    What exactly would Bill Cowher do with Jerry Jones muddling and calling shots??...NOTHING...Cowher will be in Carolina next year and would never even come to Dallas to put up with this circus. Tuna got OUT because he didn't like Jerry meddling (aka T.O).

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    The problem is that they are in love with throwing the ball. They have the biggest offensive line in the league so run the damn ball! They need to get an attitude on offense of "see if you can stop us from running!". When and only when they have success running should they do a play action pass. This will keep the defense honest and make the passing game actually work. The current run-play balance of 30% running (i'm guessing) isn't working so they need to go to 70% running and play smash mouth Cowboys football of old. Oh and if Garrett doesn't get on board, then fire his ass!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Cowboys Make Playoffs Despite Worst Start Ever

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