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Dallas Blonde is either funny or promoting rape depending upon the source

Dallas Blonde is either funny or promoting rape depending upon the source.
Dallas Blonde is either funny or promoting rape depending upon the source.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company / Bustle

Dallas-based Deep Ellum Brewing Company has found themselves in the midst of a firestorm in recent days due to their marketing campaign for their Dallas Blonde beer. On Monday, a North Texas writer by the name of Amy McCarthy added yet more fuel to the fire when she posted an article entitled "Deep Ellum Brewery Perpetuates Rape Culture With This Offensive Slogan" on a website called Bustle.

Sadly, for McCarthy, her headline won't be coherent unless it's accompanied by a shot of the advertising campaign in question which is an obvious doll with a poofed up blonde hair style accompanied by the tagline "Goes Down Easy".

McCarthy has waxed rhapsodic about how this marketing campaign for a beer perpetuates a "rape culture" in today's society. This, coming from a writer that has posted previous articles such as:

  • Average American Man Is Well...Average (pictured with shots of male groin areas)
  • 3 Things You Think Are Feminist...But Aren't
  • Why Men Are Faking More Orgasms
  • How to Get Back At Catcallers

Noticing a theme here?

And, lest one forget, the name of the website for these articles is Bustle. Ah yes, a bustle -- that old fashioned contraption that ladies wore under their dresses to help accentuate their 1800's "badonkadonks". And this is the writer that is chastising Deep Ellum Brewing Company over Dallas Blonde.

McCarthy states in her own author's profile on Bustle that "she enjoys lipstick, cooking, and fighting with celebrities on Twitter." The befuddling thing is that writers like McCarthy are sending massively mixed signals. To a woman that actually thinks the comical blonde dolly and the tagline "Goes Down Easy" is funny in the double entendre sort of way that would work with beer advertising, to read McCarthy's author's bio makes her come across as very shallow and stereotypical.

When the advertising campaign was mentioned to a well-known photographer in Dallas (who shall remain unnamed so that he's not sucked into this drama) that has provided countless hours of volunteer work to women who have overcome obstacles including rape victims, he laughed when the slogan "goes down easy" was mentioned. When it was mentioned that the slogan is supposedly perpetuating a rape culture, he looked stunned and replied, "How the hell does it promote rape? Just use a blonde guy then!"

So there you have it Deep Ellum Brewing Company - just put a blonde male dolly on the art work and show the world your political correctness and it will probably still be funny, if not more so. Chances are though, writers like McCarthy will still find something to fume about on Twitter.

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