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Dallas based band, Radio Revival, has lots of musical experience under their belt

Chris Biano and Brad Growden of Radio Revival
Chris Biano and Brad Growden of Radio Revival
Moses Campos, Middlecoast Productions

Even though Dallas based Radio Revival has only been around for a short time, the members are long time writers and musicians. “It is like having brand new skin even though we each have a lot of musical years under our belt,” states Chris Biano, lead singer and guitarist. This is Biano’s first venture into the band world, but he has a six-year solo career. Brad Growden has been the bassist for Kingsfall and Transient Theory. Both have long-term experience in Praise and Worship settings.

Influences for the two run the range from The Wallflowers, Goo Goo Dolls, Huey Lewis, Mutemath, Flickerstick, and Bob Dylan. Long fascinated with music, Radio Revival wants to continue to craft songs that move people to feel the way they do and develop bonds in the process. As a child Biano didn’t realize he was interested in playing an instrument until his dad brought in an electric guitar. “It was so bad, it wouldn’t stay tuned, but I couldn’t stop playing.” His mother bought him an acoustic and they discovered he really could play. Then, the song crafting began. Biano shares that writing a song that turns out to help someone makes you realize there is so much more than just you involved. “And having your peers enjoy what you’ve created is awesome,” adds Growden.

Eager to get back into the studio, the band has songs they can’t wait to get out. Now the focus is on finding the right producer to collaborate with. “This music is our story, it is the culmination of where our hearts have been and desire to go.”

Growden likes to root for the underdog in all types of situations. “I like to see people come from nothing and come out on top.” That, in a way, is how he views their first year as a band. “We’ve gone through so much with things that could have worked and didn’t, but we’ve stuck with it.”

Both see themselves as regular guys that do regular things. However, right now, their fridge only holds candy and milk. When asked what material objects they couldn’t live without, both listed candy. Biano also has a strong fondness for movies and Mountain Dew, while Growden lists his many pairs of "Chucks" as favorite things.

And, maybe, it is that love of candy, Mountain Dew, and cool shoes that gives them their amazing live energy on stage and causes their fans to want to dance, dance, and dance some more.



  • Jade =) 5 years ago

    Yes! Love those guys and their sound!! Thanks for covering them!

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