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‘Dallas’ – an inside peek from Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Yesterday, Patrick Duffy (Bobby) gave Access Hollywood the dish on the upcoming season premiere of ‘Dallas.’

Take a look at some excerpts from Duffy’s interview below – season three is sure to be an explosive one!

On the loss of Larry Hagman (JR), Duffy said,

‘…I don’t suffer from any sadness in the sense of the injustice of death or any of those other, whatever description you want to give it, because I only have good memories. Every time I think of him I literally break into a grin, so it’s a thing where I miss him because we [had] so much fun on a daily basis, but I’m not sad, because as I told somebody once, I’m so sated with Larry. He’s in every pore of my body in terms of the 35-year friendship. But it’s a disservice if I bemoan anything. So I love going to work. We talk about the character in the scripts all the time, so I can’t escape him. I’m sure he’s laughing that even though he’s not there, I have to share screen time with him so much.’

On the return of actor Ken Kercheval as ‘Cliff Barnes,’ Duffy said,

‘…So he’s alive and well in his Mexican prison and we have to keep revisiting him there in order to keep the plot alive and I love Ken. He is absolutely crazy as an outhouse rat, just insane, but that insanity – and I’ve watched, probably over the years, every episode of ‘Dallas’ at least once and I have, without exception, always told people I think Ken Kercheval is the most interesting actor we have on the show. He is fearless. He makes choices as an actor that no one in their right mind would make, and yet, the audience goes with it. He is crazy and it worked and we’re using him and milking him for everything he’s worth.’

‘Dallas’ returns Monday February 24 at 9pm on TNT.

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