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Dalis Connell shows off bikini body, possible breast implants in new photo

Dalis Connell shows off her bikini body.
Dalis Connell shows off her bikini body.
Dalis Connell/Twitter

Dalis Connell made a name for herself as the girlfriend of Ryan Edwards on "Teen Mom."

Now that the show has wrapped, as has her relationship with Edwards, Connell is focusing on her education and her career. In addition to going to college, Connell has participated in several photo shoots as a fitness model and in the latest photo, she is sporting a few things fans hadn't yet seen.

"New VS suit," Connell wrote on Twitter on June 10.

And when compared with earlier photos, something is definitely different about Connell's body.

In one photo from February of this year, Connell looks nearly flat-chested. In a second photo from last year, Connell looks to have a bit more on top, but that was likely the rest of a likely padded bikini top. In Connell's photo from Monday, she is top heavy to say the least.

While Connell hasn't spoken out about any plastic surgery as of yet, she clearly has gotten a breast augmentation and judging by her tweets about enjoying bikini shopping, she's really liking her new assets.

As for her dating life, Connell is currently in a relationship and has been for the last several months.

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