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Dale Earnhardt Jr's dirty little secret

People gather for clean water
People gather for clean water
Photo by Tom Hindman/Getty Images

NASCAR fan favorite Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was, for many, a welcome arrival in victory circle at Daytona. The dirty side of this news is that one of his financial backers supports an industry which has polluted the drinking water of 300,000 West Virginians. Earnhardt Jr. is a spokesman for is sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) . According to environmentalists, the coal industry isn’t as clean as it proclaims itself to be, but is really a powerful group opposed to EPA regulations.

A recent poll shows that West Virginians want more regulations to protect the environment, but the New York Times reports that the ACCCE supports politicians like Senator Joe Manchin III, who vow to fight EPA regulations. According to the Nation, the ACCCE spends tens of millions of dollars annually on advocacy to fight EPA (Environmental Protection Act) regulations. These include lobbyists efforts to fight new legislation.

As reported by CNN, test results following a major chemical spill are not due for another few weeks. Though residents had been told by officials that their water was safe to drink, independent testing showed that tap water in residential homes still contained methanol.

The West Virginia Clean Water Hub is distributing clean water to residents, and they are actively seeking volunteers for this effort.