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Dale Earnhardt Jr. pays bill

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is more than just a racecar driver.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is more than just a racecar driver.
Photo: AP/ Mike

     When I tuned into TMZ and saw a story about Dale Earnhardt Jr., I felt a sense of pride. As a Charlotte resident and NASCAR fan, seeing our homegrown celebrity make a gossip website was quite pleasing, especially since the story was talking about a good deed.

As the owner of Whiskey River, a bar located in downtown Charlotte, and as one of the most popular racecar drivers, it is safe to say that Earnhardt Jr. has enough money to feed a few extra people. On Tuesday, the NASCAR driver did just that, times an extra 400.

A source told TMZ that Earnhardt Jr. decided to pick up the tab for every drink ordered in his bar between 8-9 p.m. No word on how much the bill was exactly, but bartender Shawn Southern, who was also on VH1’s “Tool Academy,” says the bill was a “ridiculous amount of money.”

Even though Earnhardt Jr. failed to win a race this season, he still earned over $4 million, which does not include his paycheck from sponsors. Therefore, he was able to leave a “very generous” tip for his bartenders.

What a very giving mood Earnhardt Jr. was in, despite his lackluster of a race season. Maybe he is trying to start the year off with a fresh start.