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Daisy Ridley 'leads' the way to 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Daisy Ridley's Spotlight Profile
Daisy Ridley's Spotlight Profile
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Spotlight, a “professional acting jobs and auditions” company, has some very revealing info about who the possible lead is in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’ The UK-based casting services company has been around since 1927 and contains resumes for over 60,000 amateur performers. Daisy Ridley, as most ‘Star Wars’ fans are aware, was cast earlier this year in an undisclosed role. Her resume on Spotlight was submitted and managed by her agent, Johnathan Arun. He credits her in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ as “LEAD.’

While this hasn’t been confirmed by the other “Big Three” (Lucasfilm, Disney, or Bad Robot), fans should know this is a pretty legitimate source of information. These are professional resumes for performers and can’t be edited by anyone off the street such as other sites, like IMDb or Wikipedia. While some are claiming that Ridley’s representation might simply be polishing her resume, it’s not likely they would so flamboyantly twist the truth that way, on such a public forum.

This Examiner had recently reported on June 14th that Daisy Ridley’s role was “revealed” on the movie information site, Internet Movie Database (IMDb). She was listed there as being “rumored” to play Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia from the ‘Star Wars’ Expanded Universe. Ridley had responded with the simple, yet informative quote on Twitter, “guys the world and his wife can update IMDB. Just saying.” Since she made the comment on Twitter, her listing on IMDb has changed and now reflects no role for 'Episode VII.' Its hard to say if this was in direct response to Ridley's comments, but it is an interesting response. In addition, Ridley removed her comment from Twitter after her rumored role as Jaina Solo was removed from IMDb. Ridley has been pretty active in the fan community since her announced role in ‘Star Wars,’ especially on social media. You can follow her on Twitter at @Ridley_Daisy.