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Daisy Girl Scouts learn about California Agriculture

Daisies from Troop # 3054 say the Girl Scout Promise at the opening of Daisy Play Day
Daisies from Troop # 3054 say the Girl Scout Promise at the opening of Daisy Play Day
Vicki Woods

For more than 50 years, California has been the leading agriculture producing state in the nation. This past Saturday, Daisy Girl Scouts in Orange County got a chance to learn about, and taste, some of the top foods we produce here in California. The Daisy Playday's theme this year was "Foodtastic". Hosted at the Yorba Linda Program Center, the youngest of our Girl Scouts got to learn by playing games, doing crafts and eating samples of food grown in California, all while having fun.

Ella and Adison from Troop 858 enjoy their strawberries!
Vicki Woods

On a beautiful sunny California day (yes, I had to point that out) the younger girls got a chance to be mentored by some of our older Girl Scouts, as they learned about California food. As Girl Scouting enters the second century of service to girls, the focus on girl leadership is more important than ever. Girl Scouts offers an amazing leadership program for girls, and I am proud of the vital role it plays in developing girls who are making our world a better place. Our older girls did a great job leading all the stations at the event.

Even though they were just learning about the food portion of agriculture, they did talk about what agriculture is. The easy way to remember is to use the Five F's- food, fiber, fuel, forests, flowers. Food refers to the food that the farmers and ranchers grow, from strawberries to cows. Fuel is a product that can be used to make energy- like corn oil or even cow manure. Fiber refers to cotton, wool, flax and other textiles we use to make materials and household items. Forest stands for trees- we use trees to make hundreds of items including paper, pencils, cardboard, tires, cosmetics and maple syrup. Flowers are important as fruit trees, cut and nursery flowers and houseplants. California produces 3/4 of all the flowers grown in the United States!

So- Foodtastic in a nutshell (LOL- in a nut shell... ok I digress) In the first station the girls were learning about milk and cream- the #1 product produced in California. The girls got to make their own butter- shaking it up in a jar until it thickened. Some of the girls really got into the shaking part! While the butter sat for a few minutes they made a magnet that looked like a glass of milk. Tasting their homemade butter was the favorite part. There is something better about food you make yourself.

The next station I visited was all about strawberries. Almost any strawberry you eat anywhere is from California. The girls heard a story about strawberries, read strawberry facts and made an ornament that looked like a strawberry (made from a walnut, also a California product) Other stations played games to learn about the top 20 foods produced in California and see what they look like. The A - Z fruit and vegetable game and fruit snack Bingo were both hits!

The final station (my favorite, because I got to help) was the snack station. Here the girls got a basket with a sample of fresh fruits and vegetables from California to eat! Yum! They got their souvenir photo taken in a little produce stand and they also did their service project for the event. The girls all colored a thank you post card that will be sent overseas to our deserving military personnel.

Foodtastic was a great day with lots of fun facts and information about California Food. Thanks to Lisa Craig for planning another great event and thanks to the wonderful volunteers of all ages that made it happen.

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