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In an age where unexplainable violence has taken hold of our society, where ethics and morals are thrown out the window one would like to remember of a time far removed from the harsh realities of today. A time where civility along with a refined etiquette prevailed. As a child of the 50's I have often looked back to those wondrous days of yesteryear. Fortunate I was to have experienced that time when sophistication and a semblance of humility remained intact. A time where I held a certain amount of restraint not to go against the normal structure of the day. I was after all able to experience a world that would be unrecognizable today. A world that was so unique and different in culture, in moral values, and had a certain refinement that are as different as night and day today. It was, after all a completely different realm of reality during the 1950's.

It was dawning of the Television era. A time when father pretty much knew best. I can remember sitting in front of our small screen TV especially on Saturday mornings glued to the tube watching Roy Rogers, Annie Oakley and Captain Midnight. Of course there were the array of wondrous cartoons that even my father seem to enjoy. It is all coming back to me now as thought it was just yesterday, the memories are that vivid. When I think about it now I grew up during an era that was defined by the Norman Rockwell images on the weekly Saturday Evening Post. With baseball glove in hand it wasn't until the sun was setting during the late spring days I finally was summoned in to wash for dinner.

The year was 1959, the White Sox were playing for the pennant. Of course my favorite players were Nellie Fox and Luis Aparcio were all at the top of their game. It was all through that summer my field of dreams were the playgrounds where we all played ball. It was those pick up games with the other kids I remember trying to imagine myself in the "Big Leagues." Yes, it was a most memorable time of my life especially that summer of summers. Now, when we think about the differences between a period of time when an innocence of character was the norm to today's moral and ethical decay one would find that the barometer of social acceptance is now set far below the standards that prevailed in a time when I was young.

Today, we see it all the time where ethics and moral behavior are cast aside either for personal gain or for selfish desires. In either case a numbness to today's realm of reality has settled in has inadvertently created more social as well as economical turbulence. All of which is threatening to jeopardize the future for us all. The changing of social decorum over the years one can not justify it as an evolution of social progress. It is only a retraction of values and morals of unprecedented swiftness that has overtaken our society. What is deemed acceptable today 50 years ago was totally unheard of. We have allowed our whole society to degrade to the point of almost no return.

The only things that have evolved are the medical advances and the technological innovations that have had an enormous impact for millions the world over. Yet, there remains millions more even in the United States that are unable to have access to all that man has to offer to improve their quality of life. We still have managed to pollute our oceans to the point of no return, kept on inventing more ways to kill each other, failed to fully utilize renewable green energy systems that would save our planet, and have yet to coordinate our efforts in stopping a global pandemic from forming. These are just some of the real life issues that need to be addressed now if we ever expect to survive.

Are we nearing the eve of destruction? Where self indulgence is the rule of the day. Where moral decay runs rampant over our society. Where the personal whims of the few takes precedent over benevolence toward the many. If we continue on this path the hand writing is all ready on the wall. The life I had during those endless summers of a time long ago will forever be lost in the conscious thoughts and actions of today. The future is in doubt if our society remains transfixed of the expediency of the moment. Where immediate self gratification trumps long term prosperity and harmony for all. The eve of destruction is readily at hand if we fail to remember when.

Thinking back it was on my uncles dairy farm near Lake Delevan where I first experienced a way of life that is all but lost today. Where I learned the importance of developing a social conscious for the preservation and sanctity of life. Sadly though, the sun seems to have already set on a way of life that was a symbol of a nation for over two hundred years hundreds of years. What we have done in the name of social liberalization where even the Supreme Court has had tremendous influence in the direction our society has evolved has only extinguished any hope of salvaging a way of life that defined a generation.

Today, we are faced with unprecedented human tragedies. A nation that has become so physically obese, a nation with acute afflictions effecting millions of children and adults, a nation so consumed with wealth and a nation so divided are all an indirect result of a way of life that we have allowed disappear. A faded memory now lingers in conscious thought. That dairy farm like all other family farms of that era is where life had meaning and a purpose to ensure the future for all. A way of life that helped shaped my destiny, a way of life the ensured the health of a nation, and a way of life that was a direct link to our heritage sad to say is all but gone forever.


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