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Daily writing prompt for Nov 6, 2009 - blah blah blah


  Photo: db*photography/Flickr

Topic: blah blah blah

Setup: "Don't have your characters speak to other characters in dialogue for pages on end.  In real life, the only time someone speaks endlessly to other people is in church or in the classroom.  It's called lecturing. People don't like being lectured that much in real life, and in a work of fiction, the reader might silently ask a character to shut up immediately." - George Singleton

Prompt: Work with a scene from your story that feels dialogue-heavy.  Reread your work and decide what information must be shared through dialogue and what details can be summarized through narrative description.  Play with the scene; try different bits in dialogue, others in narrative until you find the right balance.

For more info: This prompt was inspired by  Pep Talks, Warnings, and Screeds by George Singleton