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Daily Update for October 23rd, 2012

Haley King as Summer Newman
Haley King as Summer Newman
Haley King, The Young and the Restless

Victor wants out of the hospital, doctor doesn’t agree

Victoria worries about where her dad is going to go when he gets released from hospital. Billy doesn’t believe Victor will back down

At the office, Jack is re-arranging the office. Neil pops in. Neil tells Jack he’s not interested in returning to work at Newman. Jack says, “My friend, I am about to change your mind”

Summer walks in on Noah leaving a message for someone. Summer wants to know why Noah left NYC. Nick appears and tells the kids he filed for divorce from Phyllis. Summer says, “Good”. Nick tries to tell Summer that it’s still her mother. Summer leaves. Noah tells Nick that the best thing for Summer is this divorce

Phyllis is on the phone with Lesley who tells her Nick filed for divorce already. She turns around and bumps into Ronan. Phyllis worries about how Summer reacts when Ronan is around

Neil tells Jack he’s happy at Chancellor. Jack offers Neil CEO position at Jabot

Billy agrees to spy on Jack for Victoria

Nick catches Noah looking for jobs. Noah is looking for a low key position. Nick tells him to take his time looking for a job. Nick asks him what happened in New York. Noah says it wasn’t for him. A girl ripped his heart out. A package is waiting on the doorstep for Nick. It’s a chess board from Avery.

Phyllis tells Ronan she misses her daughter. She asks Ronan not to make it hard on her. Summer catches them hugging. Phyllis leaves without noticing Summer. Phyllis sits down at the table with an unidentified man. Summer stares at him thru the glass and he notices

Neil is surprised that Jack offered him CEO of Jabot, not Newman. Jack makes Neil a pretty sweet deal. Jack tells Neil to think about it. They shake hands and Billy arrives in office. Jack wants to know why Billy took the job.

Ronan approaches Summer. He tells her she is Phyllis’ whole world. Ronan tries to convince Summer that her mother loves her. Summer says, “Does my mom even know you have a kid?” She’s referring to the kid Ronan was sitting with at the table. Ronan explains it’s not his kid, he’s a mentor. When Ronan leaves, Summer approaches the kid in the coffee house and manages to steal his wallet

Noah, Abby and Victoria catch up with Nikki and Victor at the Athletic Club. They are waiting for Nick.

Nick heads over to Avery’s apartment and catches her locked outside her door, fresh out of the shower. She had no hot water and had to shower at her neighbors. As she explains the situation, Nick picks the lock and it’s open. Nick explains what’s been going on with his dad. He confides in Avery.

Victor tells the kids that they are rebuilding the ranch. They are going to stay in the penthouse in one of the building while rebuilding is going on. First event will be their wedding reception

Neil tells Katherine about Jack’s offer.

Billy convinces Jack he’s there just to build a legacy for his kid. Abby shows up and offers Jack $500 million to give Newman back to the Newman family.

Katherine tells Neil she can’t match Jack’s offer and says she doesn’t know if she can survive without him. Neil tells Katherine she

Jack practically excuses Abby. She tells him off. Phyllis shows up and Jack excuses Billy. Jack offers her position of VP of Research and Development. Phyllis tells Jack Nick wants a divorce. She tells him she wants her husband back.

Avery talks about her family with Nick. She tells Nick she needs to start making decisions for herself, not for anyone else.

Abby tells Carmine about the meeting with Jack. Carmine makes her laugh with wacky idea’s. Abby vows to get the company back.

Victoria tells her parents Billy is on their side. Victor is concerned. Victoria promises Billy is with them.

Billy and Jack talk business. Neil calls and tells Jack he’s in. Billy says, “That’s great! You just gave Neil Winters my job”

Nick and Avery play chess at her place. Nick wins. They flirt. Phyllis walks in on them. Phyllis says, “I didn’t know your door was open.” Phyllis makes a fool of herself and leaves. Nick leaves, too. Avery gets locked out of her apartment again.

Katherine talks to Neil about whom she would get to run her company. Neil tells Katherine to say the word and he’ll turn it down. Katherine says she’s going to come out of retirement.

Billy is upset with Jack about hiring

After writing down Jamie’s information found in his wallet, Summer handed Ronan Jamie’s wallet saying he dropped it

Nick arrives at athletic club. Victoria tells him their parents are getting married again. Victor and Nikki ensure them that this time it’s for the last time. Nick tells them he has an announcement as well. He says as far as the fight for Newman goes, he’s officially out. Victor appears to be fuming.


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