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Daily Update For October 19th, 2012

The Young and The Restless
The Young and The Restless
The Young and The Restless

At the hospital, Victor realizes things can’t go on the way they have been going. He tells his children that he won’t be fighting anymore for Newman. He tells them that he is leaving the fate of Newman Enterprises in their hands.

Billy is at home and on the phone with the producers of his television show. He knows the ratings are down. Little Johnny is crying so he hangs up the phone.

Avery arrives home and there is a knock at the door. It’s Phyllis. Phyllis wants to know if Avery heard from Summer. Avery has heard from her and she feels like she’s gained Summer’s trust. Phyllis tells her she is going to reconnect with Summer by winning Nick back.

Chelsea opens the front door and looks out. She closes the door and paces the house. She calls Adam and leaves a message. She misses her husband.

Sharon is at the ranch looking at the flames and collapses. Adam rushes in and saves her.

Avery questions Phyllis about why she wants Nick back and whether or not she actually thinks Nick will take her back.

Billy holds Johnny and talks to him, “Uncle Jack and Grandpa fighting and we’re stuck in the middle”. He goes on to say that whether it’s run by an Abbott or a Newman, the company will still be his legacy.

At the hospital, Nikki’s phone rings. The ranch is on fire.

Adam brings Sharon back to her house and questions her as to what happened. She replies, “I just wanted them to stop.”

Avery tells Phyllis about the take over at Newman and that she heard from Nick. Phyllis tells Avery that she thinks she can turn things around with Summer and Nick. Avery tells her she wants her to be happy. Phyllis leaves. Avery sits down for a moment, bolts up and takes off as well.

At their home, Victoria tells Billy about that Victor doesn’t want to fight for Newman, but she does.

Abby is with Victor. She cuddles up to him and cries. Victor tells her everything will be alright.

Sharon tells Adam that everyone was calling her names, saying she was a loser. She says they were attacking her. She falls asleep. He calls Chelsea and lies saying his car broke down and he will be alright.

Nick and Nikki are at the ranch, watching the fire. A firefighter tells them no one was there and that the house is beyond saving.

Back at the hospital Abby says to Victor that she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that he is back in the hospital. She blames his battle with Jack. She says she doesn’t get why they are constantly fighting. Victor understands that she always feels caught in the middle.

Billy and Victoria talk business. Jack was pleased Billy took the position at the company for his kids’ legacy. Billy wants out of the middle of the fight. Victoria tells Billy she needs him more than ever. Her phone rings. It’s Nick! She gets the news about the ranch.

Nikki is back at the hospital and asks Abby how Victor is. She says he’s good. Nikki cries. Abby asks, “What is it?”

Nick stares at the fire at the Athletic Club. Avery appears and says there is nothing like a roaring fire. Nick says, not unless it’s your childhood home. Nick asks Avery to join him. They flirt. Nick tells Avery that it was the worst day ever and fills her in. But he says things turn around pretty quick and grins at her.

Adam leaves Sharon a note not to talk to anyone or leave the house until she talks to him. He says he has to do major damage control for her.

Phyllis is sitting alone at Crimson Lights. Ronan is calling her. She ignores the phone call.

Avery and Nick are playing chess at the Athletic Club and flirting. She tells embarrassing stories about her childhood. They both laugh. Nick tells her, “This is exactly what I needed. This is perfect”.

Victoria freaks out about losing the company and the ranch in the same day. Billy says maybe it’s a sign that they should do things differently. He suggests she give up on Newman and he sell Restless Style and they start their own company, with their own name.

At home, Adam wakes up Chelsea who was asleep on the couch. She smells smoke on him.

Nikki tells Victor that she’s going to spend the night with him at the hospital because there is no place she’d rather be than by his side. He asks her if she’s been crying.

Avery and Nick finish their game of chess with Avery winning. They flirt a little more and Nick walks her out. Phyllis looks on as they continue to flirt. Avery leaves and Phyllis stares back at Nick.

Victoria doesn’t want to give up on Newman. She feels she’d let down her father. Billy says that isn’t love. Victoria says it’s important to her and she needs him to fight with her.

Victor doesn’t believe Nikki when she says that she is okay. He says after everything they have ever been thru he knows her better than that. He wants her to tell him what is bothering her.

Adam continues lying to Chelsea.

Sharon wakes up and her phone is ringing. It’s Adam. He tells her to read the note and follow it. He tells her to stay put and don’t answer the door or phone. He will be there in the morning and he will fix everything.


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