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Daily thought: WHM-Adrienne Rich poem about Rosenberg's

In honor of Women's History Month we turn our attention to Ethel Rosenberg and remember as the great Adrienne Rich speaks poetically about the strength in wife and womanhood of Mrs. Rosenberg.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg

The Great Adrienne Rich was a feminist and powerful poet amidst other great things. The video, For Ethel Rosenberg, has been embedded within this article.

Ethel Rosenberg, like many other men and women in America, such as Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton, the poet and essayist Amiri Baraka and former Pentagon communication clerk Annie Lee Crawford-Moss, was seen as a threat and accused of potential communist ideologies, tactics and/or behaviors amongst other charges.

Mrs. Rosenberg and her husband were executed in New York by the electric chair. This historical case is still heavy controversy decades after their murders.

Most recently, one of the Rosenberg's sons reportedly spoke out claiming that their father may have actually been a Soviet spy, as accused, while other sources say that the young men have been psychologically conditioned to believe such ideas after the tragic execution of their parents and on through adulthood.

One can only imagine the terror of living under a government that executed your parents. Unfortunately, such is the story of many oppressed.

We honor Ethel Rosenberg this Women's History Month and for her courage and loyalty.


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