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Daily reiki for powerful living

Balance of mind, body and spirit is essential to wellness.
Balance of mind, body and spirit is essential to wellness.

Reiki (universal life force energy or Divinely guided energy) is the energy that vibrates around everything in our world. It is accessible to everyone ... even if you're not an attuned or initiated Reiki practitioner. It is the same energy that is altered by prayer, chanting, meditation or other activities that shift vibrational frequencies. Life in Los Angeles can be tough on the mind, body and spirit. The staggering amount of energy we encounter in a single day can easily trigger imbalances. This is why it is imperative that we consciously strive to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. To this end, places like The Insight Center, located near UCLA, teach mindful meditation to professionals and the general public. Mindfulness allows us to be remain aware of what is going on around us without overreacting to external stimuli. This encourages healthy utilization of ki (life force energy) to prevent energetic imbalances and physical illness. Here are a few suggestions to help you take control of your personal energy for empowered living.

Take a reiki shower or bath. Water responds to words and feelings; and the most healing feeling is love. Honor the water in your bathroom by sending a vibration of love and gratitude to the spicket and pipes as you fill the tub or set the temperature in the shower. Give thanks for the life that water gives to the planet. Pray or set an intent that the water bring healing and spiritual or energetic cleansing to your body. After you lather and rinse, step out of the bath before turning off the shower or pulling the plug in the tub. Know that negative and unwanted energy is flowing down the drain.

Raise energy vibrations using essential oils. Add a drop or two to unscented tealights around the house to raise vibrational frequency and attract the energy of your desires. Use lavender for relaxation, rosemary for protection or vanilla for comfort. As you drop the oil into the votives, set an intent in alignment with your desired outcome.

As you kneel in prayer or sit in meditation, surround yourself with a protective energy. Call upon reiki to create a safe space. Before beginning, envision yourself enveloped in an impenetrable bubble of white light. Know that you are protected and free to just be with the Divine. Give thanks.

Try these exercises and pay attention to the subtle shifts in your life. Determine which works best for you and add it to your arsenal of self-care practices.

For more tips on how to incorporate Reiki and other natural healing methods into your daily life, Like the Wellness Uprising (WU) page on Facebook. Click here for Reiki healing education workshops in Los Angeles, CA.


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