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Loyalty, devotion to your own life is essential to happiness. Situations, feelings, friends...all come and go as things evolve over time. Stay focused upon your relationship to yourself and the expression of your true being. This doesn't mean being lonely, it means being centered amidst your relationships, within your life and the world. It's a key to sovereignty.

Life at the Ideafrontier.
Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy

Here are some ideas for incorporating this information into your life:

  • Everything begins and ends with you.
  • You must love yourself fully before you can truly love someone else.
  • You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can save anyone else.
  • Cultivate a loving and respectful relationship with yourself, body and soul.
  • And through divine grace and the law of attraction, you will see that reflected in your life.
  • As within, so without.

“Love yourself so fully that there is no room for doubt or fear.”Dr. Peebles


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