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Daily herb tip: calendula for hemorrhoids


Calendula, an astringent and an antiinflammatory, is a helpful treatment for hemorrhoids -- topical cream helps relieve pain and swelling, and speeds recovery.  (See "If you like this..." for more related articles.)

For more information about calendula, see your local herbal shop: Apothecary Tinctura in Denver, Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary in Boulder.


  • Tomi Mehr 5 years ago

    I'm so glad to see a writeup of Calendula cream for hemorrhoids. Calendula officinalis is a flowering herb related to daisies that has been used for generations to treat many skin disorders. Bioflavonoids in the calendula flower act as antiseptics and anti-inflammatories.

    Try to get certified organic calendula officinalis oil and make your own soothing skin cream.

    The Hem Cure has a small selection of calendula-based topicals for hemorrhoids and rectal itching. I haven't tried the first two, but I can vouch for the Itch Doctor ointment. It Works where Prep H failed!

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