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Daily Dose of Love: Riding the Single Train

There is nothing wrong with being single. Sometimes people can get too focused on getting into a relationship, that they forget to appreciate their own self. This is a fact, if you cannot satisfy yourself, then you will not be able to satisfy someone else. When it comes to love, loving yourself is the key factor. To be able to carry on a relationship, you will have to be able to handle your own self first. Think of it like a video game with different levels. To be able to move up to level two, you have to master level one. Level one is getting to know who you are. Trust me, the worst thing is feeling trapped in a relationship because you don't know who you are. So, sit back and live. Don't dote on trying to find someone, and trying to live this premeditated, idealistic fantasy that you conjured. That will only leave room for disappointment. Life is unpredictable and cannot be fantasized about. The only key to getting what you want, is to step forward and walk towards it. Once you start walking down that path, you will notice that you are growing closer to the destination. Whether it be love, or something else, everything takes time. So, if you are single, do not fret. Even the writer of this article is single. But she isn't fretting, because she knows that in due time, the right person will meet up in her path. Keep your head up. And love who you are.