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Daily Bugle Returns?

The cover to "Amazing Spider-Man" issue 653
The cover to "Amazing Spider-Man" issue 653
Marvel Comics

Earlier this week Marvel Comics relesed solicitations for their January titles. The descriptions for their upcoming Spider-Man titles showcased the return of Alistair Smythe and Mac Gargan taking back the identity Scorpion. However, it didn't take long for fans to notice a third return that will be happening in January.

The teaser for "Amazing Spider-Man" # 653 revealed,

REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-SLAYER Part 2 of 3 “All You Love Will Die” The SPIDER-SLAYER’S assault escalates as his INSECT ARMY descends on Manhattan! No one in Spidey’s life is safe—from the offices of the Daily Bugle to the Mayor’s staff at City Hall! It’s way more than our wall-crawler can handle. Good thing he’s also a member of the NEW AVENGERS! Guest-starring LUKE CAGE, JESSICA JONES, MS. MARVEL, MOCKINGBIRD, IRON FIST… and a few surprises.

Did that solicitation accidentally reveal that the Daily Bugle will be returning? Was this suppose to be one of the surprises of "Big Time"? Did the writer who typed up the solicitation confuse the Bugle with Front Line?

The Daily Bugle has had an interesting few years. During the inaugural arc of "Brand New Day", the Daily Bugle was sold to Dexter Bennett who turned it into "The DB". The newspaper offices were destroyed in a battle with Electro in "Amazing Spider-Man" # 614. Due to economic problems that the paper had been facing, there was no plans to rebuild it. The rights to the "Daily Bugle" name were purchased by Betty Brant who now runs it as a news blog called "Bugle Girl".

An editors note in the letters pages of "Amazing Spider-Man" # 614 told us we were seeing the milestone end to the Daily Bugle. Many longtime Spider-Man readers didn't believe it for a second. The Daily Bugle has been a classic element of the Spider-Man mythos ever since the first issue of "Amazing Spider-Man". Although writers may try to do things thatshake up the status quo, classic elements like the Bugle always return.

What do you think? Is the Bugle coming back too soon? Should it come back? Is this solicitation a mistake?

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