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Daily Beast's Dean Obeidallah falsely claims conservatives want Arabs killed

Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah falsely claims conservatives want Arabs killed, screams "libel" when confronted.
Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah falsely claims conservatives want Arabs killed, screams "libel" when confronted.
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

On Friday, Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah sparked controversy when he issued a tweet falsely claiming that conservatives want to see Arabs killed.

"Do conservatives defend Netanyahu bc they share same values or because they love seeing Arabs get killed? Trick question: It's both," he tweeted. As usual, he did not provide any evidence for his false assertion.

One person suggested Obeidallah use the term "terrorists" instead of "Arabs." Aaron Worthing, a conservative blogger who practices law in the Washington, D.C., area, managed to turn the tables on Obeidallah, prompting the "comedian" to scream "libel."

"Does @Deanofcomedy support Hamass (sic) because he shares the same values or because he hates Jews? Trick question: it's both," he tweeted.

Obeidallah, however, didn't like his own words turned against him and rather than engage in a thoughtful discussion, acted more like a schoolyard bully than a seasoned columnist for a well-read liberal website.

"Thats libel. Plain and simple. U stated false statements of fact knowing they were not true when you tweeted them," he cried, clearly oblivious to the fact that he did the exact same thing to millions of conservatives.

"Ur accusation will not only hurt my reputation it could cause me to lose work- barring an apology I MUST sue you," he claimed. Despite Obeidallah's claims, it quite unlikely The Daily Beast will fire him over something tweeted by a conservative. Worthing, however, wasn't finished.

"[L]ol, you libel every single conservative alive, and then you whine when you allegedly get a taste of your own medicine," he tweeted. "The fact is you have provided support to hamass (sic) by supporting their ridiculous propaganda effort."'s John Nolte weighed in, telling Obeidallah that "if you don't want to be accused of defending terrorists, you know, maybe you shouldn't." In another tweet, Nolte chided Obeidallah: "Lil baby gunna cry now?"

Worthing continued the attack, asking Obeidallah, "If this was so horribly damaging to your reputation why did you retweet it? why (sic) did you cause your own damage?"

The argument over Obeidallah's offensive tweet continues as of this writing. This isn't the first time Obeidallah has stepped on himself with a controversial tweet. Last October, we reported that Obeidallah expressed a desire to see Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., kill Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in an old-fashioned duel.

"Anyone else hoping Ted Cruz and John McCain settle their feud in an Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton style duel? Id (sic) be rooting for John McCain," he tweeted. He later claimed his violent tweet wishing death on Ted Cruz was a joke.

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