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Daily Balance program read here will be heard and seen on Truli Media feed

Truli Media's new daily stream
Truli Media's new daily stream

Denver, CO. The daily balance Central program made possible by Mission Café will be read, heard and seen here at; beginning December 1. The program will begin an on-line stream starting on Monday December 2 on and will be featured on The Cause Central Public Media Network which with features and commentary; message, mission and music. The program will feature The Daily Audio Bible; The Long Run with fitness expert Trevor Polling and the Digital Hymnal which will have two live recorded worship songs. The Daily Balance will balance our daily needs, from our bank accounts; our prayer life and time we need to speak and listen to what God has to say to us. The fitness and health areas, the business and the other portions of our homes, our work and business life and our roles in communities.

Gently awakening our culture

"This is the first morning show that really helps families, marriages; and relates it with a true balance in our lives," says host Richard Beattie who is the founder and curator of message, mission and music and the balance with home-life; business-life and community outreach. "Media that feeds a culture that is hungry for truth- has a mind-set sensitive to God's motive for us; a Christ-like approach in the example we are following and is powered by a grant from the Holy Spirit, without being preachy and heavy handed is something we all need," the media veteran points out. "We are focused on being available and accessible and yet we want to be invitational as well, people should have a choice on how to respond to media; to ministry and to messaging," Beattie points out. Rich Mullins wrote in one of his songs, "There's no use in pointing fingers, unless you're pointing to truth."

Tuesdays Media and Culture Report

Tomorrow at Park Meadows Mall in Denver, Beattie will be meeting with Truli Media staff to discuss the three types of streams that will be found starting in December. "The Daily Balance is our backbone", Beattie writes. "The Media and Culture column that I write at is a pushing off conversation and so there will be interactive tools that will help my readers and listeners respond through social media; Skype and even e-mails and Blogs. " is a big part of what we are doing at Truli and is the foundation of good journalism in investigating the truth behind the Word," Beattie writes.

Cause Central; Chapter X Chapter and The Urban Praise Movement are the new channels where Mission; Message and Music are integrated into our lives, if you would like to find out about the benefits of water please visit for a free booklet.

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