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Daffodil Hill to open March 15

McLaughlin Daffodil Hill to open March 15 2014
McLaughlin Daffodil Hill to open March 15 2014
Susan Raines

The Daffodil Hill spectacular display of flowers is opening its doors for the 74th year with an anticipated date of March 15, 2014. Flower lovers are counting the days, photographers are near to packing their gear and families are planning day outings because each year the McLaughlin farm becomes a massive pallet of yellow and white blooms with dots of pink, red and purple for a short time each year.

McLaughlin's Daffodil Hill is located in Volcano, CA at 18310 Rams Horn Grade and it is the number one seasonal attraction in Amador County that draws thousands of visitors. The seasonal glory of the daffodils varies in its open and closed days and hours depending on the daily weather and past weather's effects on the flowers. In order to avoid missing the event, daffodil lovers typically put Daffodil Hill on their calendars and begin checking the phone message recording near mid March to check the opening status. People are also encouraged to call (209) 296-7048 and confirm that the farm is open prior to visiting even though the standard hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday through Saturday.

Daffodil Hill staff are all volunteers and visiting the farm is free. If you plan on visiting, please be sure to arrive early enough to enjoy the beauty in leisure and start exiting the hill at 3:45 p.m. Parking is free as well and helps makes this a family friendly excursion that keeps the pocket book intact while sharing in the beauty of nature. Donations are always welcome and dropping a few dollars in the bucket helps to keep the bulbs blooming. Donations go toward new plantings and maintaining the grounds for this short-lived annual splendor.

The area includes picnic tables and benches and a snack shack is across the street with hot food, snacks and beverages. Visitors are welcome to bring picnic lunches and make it a full day in the Amador County hills. The landscape scenery and old town charm are beautiful as well and are easily added to the joys of the drive in the Amador County hills. Wine tasting can even be added with several nearby vineyards and tasting rooms. (Please drive carefully and respect your fellow travelers.)

The McLaughlin Daffodil Hill recorded message is updated daily regarding the status of the flowers and if it is open or closed. No one need arrive to find the doors closed as long as they remember to call before making the drive. Along with the flower blooms, visitors can expect to see old farm equipment, peacocks, trees in bloom, chickens and possibly even a horse or mule and other farm animals. You can read more about Daffodil Hill at this previous article "Daffodil Hill blooms again," at the Daffodil facebook page here, or at the official Sutter Creek information page here.