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Daena Jay's 'I Will' destined to be anthem for courage

Emmy-nominated songwriter and singer Daena Jay released “Subdivision” last month. The pearl of that EP is “I Will.” It starts with booming percussion with a solid beat, jingles and other mysterious background noises. When paired with her beautiful voice and the repetition of her words, the track becomes an anthem for courage. There's a Youtube video available as a preview for the album. View it here. The video gives you a peak into the recording of the song, but only a minute long. It leaves you wanting more!

Daena Jay has lived in many places, truly a woman of the world. Whether inspired from her roots in South Africa, her current home in Los Angeles, or previous stays in London and Australia; her experiences have shaped her artistry. Her music is poetry, set to music.

Share the love. You can like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and most importantly listen to her music on Soundcloud.

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