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DADT a failure: Failure as a country- A call to action

Don't Speak or you might reveal yourself
Don't Speak or you might reveal yourself
  • In the shadow's of Tuesday's decision to not repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy, the Congress really brought out of the shadows America's failure. The failure to see the significance of this bill on the civil rights of American and the failure to have learned from the great Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches and relate them to the current issue. Or it showed that America as a whole puts to much trust in politicians that do not listen to their constituents of which 75% wanted repeal based on a recent survey compared to a 44% backing in 1993. ( ) Either way we failed!
  • America has come a long way since 1993 and has made great strides to educated the public on the importance of civil rights to the LGBT community. However, this being a Congressional voting year, the DADT bill suddenly became a tool for manipulation of voting for certain parties/candidates. The American public seems to have taken such a passive role in politics since the election of current President Obama. Signing petitions and calling our senators is not working. The Senators have automated form letters as responses to our concerns and the petitions are never read by them, if seen at all.
  • A new call to action is necessary from this day forward. We can no longer rely on politicians when something is a 75% majority and is failed to be seen or passed into legislation.
  • No person on this planet should not be able to serve their country based on sexual orientation. The requirements that are justified as part of service to country should be:
  • 1. Able bodied
  • 2. Mentally Stable
  • 3. Able to be conditioned
  • 4. Ability to survive minimally
  • 5. Love of country and other requirements based on certain testing deemed necessary.
  • However color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc are not suitable reasons to deny admittance and are justification for legal action. No amendments to our original constitution should be based on any type of discrimination.
  • Anything that is worth believing in heart and soul is worth fighting for. We didn't make progress from passivity!


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