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Dads, Divorce and Online Dating

Dating and Divorced
Dating and Divorced

Love and the dating world can be hard when you are a divorced parent. Not only do you have to worry whether you will find someone you are interested in and want to know further, but you have to worry about your kids being okay with this person as well.

DadsDivorce decided to review four unusual dating sites that each have a different theme.

1) Chemistry gets to know an individual user's personality quirks, interests and more. Then, it provides dating options based upon this info as well as preferences. The site also keeps users updated on ways to increase accuracy.

2) Based on the idea that many people relate to each other and connect through musical tastes, Tastebuds offers its users the opportunity to not only list what type of person they are searching for, but also list their favorite bands and genres. For those who may already be in a relationship, or not sure they're ready to start dating just yet, it's good to know that the site allows you to choose what type of relationship you're seeking.

3) Self-described as "A site for single parents to connect and love again," Dating for Parents has a specific audience and different tools to help those people meet. Users can select options to describe who they are, what type of person they are looking for and what they are hoping for out of future relationships

4) By just registering with the site, those who use this site have access to a plethora of different date discounts as well. Right now, there are a few big U.S. cities with discounts on particular venues or events. But all users have access to discounts on ideas like home brewing kits, painting sets and much more.

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