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Dads and grads gadget gift guide

Father's Day is fast approaching on June 16th and traditionally it's also graduation time. For those who are looking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, here's a guide to the latest gadgets to fit every budget.

Samsung S4 smartphone $630

Samsung S4

For those who want to splurge, the newly released Samsung S4 is the ultimate Android smartphone. In its short time on the market, it reigns as the fastest selling Android phone in history selling 10 million units in just one month. T-Mobile has done away with contracts and you can pick it up for $630 or $149 down plus $20/ month for 2 years. It comes out exactly the same so you mind as well let T-Mobile finance it interest free for 2 years.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

If $630 is a bit too much, the Samsung Galaxy Camera at $450 might be the right fit. A new wi-fi only version has been released dropping the price by $50. It's the world's second Android based camera sporting a 16 megapixel sensor and 21x optical zoom lens. You can configure the camera to automatically upload images to Dropbox and/or your private album on Facebook. It also takes excellent 1080p videos and you can see a gallery of video clips using this camera here.

Hip fashion bags and cases

For the grads, HEX makes a line of hip, fashionable bags, cases, and backpacks. The Cabana Core is a canvas case for the iPhone 5 ($35). You can even get a matching backpack which features a convenient front slot for tablets ($100). For the dads, the Axis wallet at $50 has a more classic look.

Emergency power on-the-go

Powerocks offers a variety of well designed, high quality backup battery packs for smartphones, tablets or anything usb powered. The Tarot Card ($35) is a credit card sized battery that is lightweight enough to carry everywhere. For tablets and other more power demanding devices, the Stone 3 ($100) or the Magic Cube ($75) maybe a better fit. Finally, the Magic Stick ($50) fits perfectly in a purse or clutch.

Carbon screen cleaners

Sidekick for tablets ($20) is a carbon based screen cleaner from the makers of Lenspen. For smartphones, the Smartklear ($10) is a smaller version also using carbon. It works surprisingly well at removing all oily smears from screens and is refillable.

Samsung Tec Tiles 2

For those lucky enough to already own a Samsung S4, Tec Tiles 2 ($15 for 5) is the perfect gift to add unlimited functionality. They are programmable NFC tags. Its application is only limited by your imagination.

Peace of mind and security free of charge

For those with zero budget, the gift of security and peace of mind may be perfect. Dashlane is a free multi-platform password and secure wallet app that works on desktop computers, iOS, and Android. It is surprisingly easy to implement and you may be shocked to find out how sloppy your password practices are once you run the password health check.


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