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Daddy's death in a nursing home due to dangerous drugs

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Daddy was my sunshine on a cloudy day, while I was the apple of his eye. So, when I got a phone call from my younger brother, telling me that Daddy had died, I almost passed out. I called out for my husband and he kept me from falling.

Daddy died on July 7, 2007 in a nursing home in Florida. On his death certificate it states cause of death, “unknown.” Now, by the time I had received his medical records, which came in a large box, and determine his cause of death, it was too late to do anything about what had happened to him. I got chills running up and down my spine as I came across the number of drugs Daddy had been given. I knew in my heart these drugs were questionable and when I discovered more about certain ones, the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit had expired. Daddy had been given an average of 22 drugs on a daily basis. Logically, it’s going to take time to determine if anyone of these drugs led to his death or a combination of certain ones.

Now, even if I had met the time frame and could prove his death was drug-related, no one would have taken the case. After all, Daddy was 92 years old. But, like many elderly, Daddy was certainly not the only one to die of “unknown causes.”

Think about it! If one wanted to receive a kickback or a bonus for purchasing and/or distributing pharmaceutical drugs to the elderly, there’s money to be made from the government. The price tag for pharmaceutical drugs is extremely beyond an average person’s ability to pay, unless they only have to worry about co-pays or get it for free, like the elderly. Yet, someone is still making money, because the pharmaceutical companies don’t produce their products for free. They’re still going to make their hefty profit.