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Daddy long legs extra eyes: Arachnid fossil x-ray shows 'median eyes'

A daddy long legs fossil x-ray showed extra eyes on the creepy crawly creature. On April 11, reported that these arachnids (also known as Harvestmen) are currently known to have one set of eyes that are clustered together unlike other spiders who have 6 or more eyes in different areas on their heads. In the fossil x-ray, however, another set of eyes showed up.

The extra eyes that were discovered are called "median eyes" and were located on the side of their heads toward the front. Obviously a strange discovery it's still very important. Why? Well because the daddy long legs was the first arthropod to ever live on planet earth.

Daddy long legs' extra eyes might have helped them see in all directions but their disappearance over the years poses quite a few questions: "Why did the Harvestman’s eyes atrophy and disappear over time? Paleontologist Russell Garwood of the University of Manchester, one of the study’s authors, speculates that it may have occurred because species moved into darker environments (like caves) where they didn’t have as much need to see," reports

Harvestmen are known to have very long legs and they can cover a lot of ground pretty quickly -- their eyes are things that people don't really concern themselves with because most don't want to get close enough to see (and that goes for any spider really). However, it's cool to see such a thing "disappear" and to know that an animal changed its physical features so drastically.

Check out the daddy long legs' extra eyes in the video above.

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