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Daddy/Daughter date nights

All over Colorado, not only are 'Daddies' preparing special plans with 'Mommies' celebrating Valentine's Day, the holiday about love, but 'Daddies' will be having a date with their daughters. Daddy/Daughter Date Nights are being celebrated throughout Colorado and the attendees are growing in numbers. This is quite the celebration!

Daddies will be teaching their daughters about chivalry, about how a man should treat a lady. Daddies will be opening car doors for the little princesses, holding the door, taking their coat, pulling out their chair at a table and speaking with manners and kind words. Daddies will listen to their little girls' stories attentively, listen about their day and talk with them about what chivalry is. All Princes must have chivalry, especially when courting a Princess.

Even this Friday, the Windsor Recreation Center will be hosting their Daddy/Daughter date night and the Center was prepared to have 250 attendees. The last day to sign up was this past Friday, the 14th of February, but the Center currently has 394 registered! Personally, I give a huge applause to so many dads who are looking forward to treating their little angels to quite the learning experience about chivalry and courtship so that the seeds are well planted about what is to be expected from a gentleman. Of course, not one daddy is ready to let their little treasures go anywhere, but when they are, they can feel proud in truly teaching them about chivalry.

One last thing, all the details! The little princesses must be ready for their special date with daddy! From their attire, to their accessories and especially, their hair must be done. Daddies are also stepping in by taking their daughters shopping, sitting patiently while their little girls are trying on everything sparkly and then shoes, bows and bracelets to match. Some daddies have been braving doing their little one's hair! How exciting that these daddies are becoming so much a part of their young princess' lives. We are very proud of you, Daddies, everywhere. Thank you for showing our little girls what true Prince is like.

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