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Daddies can do it too

Daddy's can do it too
Daddy's can do it too
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From the time girls are little they are in training to be mommies. One of the first toys a little girl is given is a baby doll. Girls are encouraged to play with, dress-up, and care for the baby dolls. There are strollers, baby carriers, and changing tables made small just for baby dolls. It used to be and sometimes still happens that boys are looked down upon when they play with baby dolls. Why is it that we train mommies from birth but daddies are just thrown into the job as adults?

Stay at home dads have been a joke for many years. There have been movies that show daddies struggling to do all the things mommies do. In recent years stay-at-home dad’s has been on the rise. They are proving that they are very capable of the job.

But just like when we were kids, aren’t men given everything that women are to be successful?

In the home parents can set things however they need to but in public is another story. For instance when a mommy is out shopping with her baby and the baby needs a diaper change she just takes them in the bathroom and uses the changing table without giving it a second thought. Have you ever thought if men’s bathrooms have changing tables?

Not all men’s bathrooms have a changing table. Scotty Schrier, Diaper Dad has brought this issue to the fore front. How can dads care for their children if they don’t have the basic necessary set up that moms do?

In an interview with Art Eddy and Ryan E. Hamilton on “The Live of Dad After Show”Episode 31 Scotty Schrier described how he had to balance holding his child in the air while trying to change his diaper because there wasn’t a changing table available for him to use.

So Diaper Dad set up a location finder at Dads who change where dads can go to find stores or restaurant that are daddy friendly. He encourages dads to let him know if they have found other places that have changing tables in men’s rooms.

It’s time that we make things fair. Starting with children, let boys play with baby dolls, they are daddies in training. Let them learn along with the girls how to care for and share the responsibility of caring for the baby doll in imaginary play. Along with giving men the same opportunities women are in caring for their children. This is only one example where men aren’t afforded the same amenities as women are in raising children. Still these stay at home daddy’s preserver and are doing a great job adapting to care for their children.

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