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Dad threw baby into pool: Disturbing video shows baby sinking as punishment

A video of a dad throwing a baby into the pool is disturbing to watch and why the father of this toddler is doing this, is even more disturbing. The two-year-old girl had dropped a five-month-old puppy in the pool and it drowned, this is why Corey McCarthy decided to toss his toddler daughter in the pool, to teach her how it feels, according to the New York Post on May 19.

Dad throws baby in a pool to teach her a lesson after she drowned a puppy.
YouTube screen shot

The drowning of the five-month-old puppy is the father’s fault. At two-years-old this child should be in his eyesight at all times when outdoors. The baby’s name is Mia and she was left unattended by the pool for 25 minutes, police report after watching video surveillance footage of the area. The little girl threw two puppies in the water, not knowing any better and one drowned. She probably thought that they were going for a swim.

The police got a hold of the Phoenix, Arizona hotel surveillance video that captured the father first taunting the child before throwing her in. The video, which is seen above, is very disturbing. A woman at the other end of the pool, who is believed to be the father’s girlfriend, is seen scrambling to the child as she is going under in the water. Before Mia sinks to the bottom, the woman races across the pool and grabs the frightened little girl.

According to the Huffington Post today, child’s mother, who is estranged from the father, called police and reported the incident as child abuse and the local police agreed this was an incidence of child abuse. The video that was released showed McCarthy taunting the baby pretending he is going to throw her in and then pulling her back. He did this a few times before tossing her into the pool.

Mia’s mother said that in the beginning of the video, which is a clip not released, McCarthy is seen hosing down Mia as a form of punishment for the puppy drowning. All McCarthy had to say for himself was that he was teaching his daughter a lesson.

It is horrific that a puppy died because this man was not watching his daughter, but the outcome could have been much worse. After leaving the child unattended for 25 minutes near a pool, there could have been an alternate headline that thankfully did not materialize.

McCarthy is charged with two counts of child abuse after admitting to throwing little Mia in the pool once and dropping her in a second time. He remains in jail at this time.

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