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Dad shoots, kills boy in daughter’s bedroom: 16-year-old's sneaks boyfriend in

Dad shoots boy in daughter's bedroom, killing him in a tragic incident.
Dad shoots boy in daughter's bedroom, killing him in a tragic incident.
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Tragically a dad shoots and kills a boy who he discovered in his daughter’s bedroom during the predawn hours of the morning, a time when his 16-year-old daughter should have been alone. It was the teen girl’s younger brother who saw feet sticking out from under his sister’s bed and he went to tell their father, according to USA Today on March 14.

While no father wants to find their teen daughter with a boy in her bedroom, this father took it to another level when he shot and killed Johran McCormick, who was just 17. It sounds as if all this boy was guilty of was liking the man’s daughter, who had invited her boyfriend over and let him in her bedroom.

A 911 call came into the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at about 2:30 a.m. and upon arrival the officers found McCormick dead from a gunshot wound. The teen girl let Johran into the house and sneaked him into her bedroom. It was when her younger brother went to say good night to his sister that he spotted two feet under the bed.

The father has not been identified, but he told police he walked into the bedroom asking questions. His daughter denied knowing the boy in her room, which led the man to believe he was a stranger. The father then called 911, but before the authorities arrived an argument between the boy and the father got heated.

When the boy dropped his hands as if he was about to grab something, the man opened fire on the teen. Johran died at the scene. There were no other injuries reported, although the father started feeling ill and was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

No charges have been filed in this case as of yet. The father looked as if he was on medication at the time of the shooting said police. This is a sad and tragic case for all involved.

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