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Dad secretly films daughter doing selfie photoshoot in backseat

If you're walking around somewhere and see a teenager making a strange face at their cell phone, then chances are they are taking a selfie. Far too often, they don't realize exactly how they look while doing these strange faces, but one dad wanted to let his daughter know how ridiculous she looked. Fox 4 KC reported on Aug. 26, 2014, that a dad actually secretly filmed his daughter doing a selfie photoshoot in the backseat.

This dad made a viral video, but his daughter won't be happy.

The video was shot by Rod Beckham when the family was driving in the car and he not only heard a camera sound on repeat, but saw his daughter acting quite odd in the backseat.

With that, Beckham simply took out his phone and started secretly recording his daughter as she did her little selfie photoshoot. It's obvious she had no idea what was going on as her faces continued to get weirder as time went on.

By the look of some of her hilarious expressions, the girl wasn't taking the repeated pictures because she thinks so much of herself. As the Metro reported, she is obviously trying to be funny and it worked.

Making things even more amazing is if you watch the selfie photoshoot video with the sound on. The clicking sound of the camera on her phone just repeatedly goes off and she takes an enormous amount of photos in just under a minute.

While the video has gone viral and Beckham has made an Internet sensation of his daughter; she probably doesn't appreciate it nearly as much as she should.

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