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Dad's viral toddler videos turn 3-year-old's imagination into real life action

As a child, our imaginations got us through hours of playtime every day. Pillows from the living room sofa became rafts tossed in the turbulent ocean, sticks transformed into alien-blasting gamma guns, and a simple cape tied around our tiny necks morphed us into our favorite animated superhero.

One movie-making father has combined his son’s imagination, shares the Huffington Post on March 27, with some way cool special effects, and the resulting videos are evidence of his little boys amazing powers – leaping over fire spitting lava pits (aka his living room floor), disappearing into vortexes that hide themselves as puddles, and blasting off in McDonald’s play centers that evidently also serve as secret NORAD rocket silos.

And of course, as you watched above, accidentally discharging our LEGO blaster against mom and dad's coffee table.We’ve all made that mistake.

Every parent tells their children that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. In this case, it truly can be anything.

Says the Post:

James isn't your ordinary 3-year-old. He's a light saber-wielding, lava-jumping, LEGO- blastin' superhero. His dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is a Dreamworks animator who uses his professional skill-set to enhance home videos of James.

When your dad puts the magic in movies for a living, clearly, anything is possible. Check out these videos of pure cinematic (and toddler) awesomeness.

Hashimoto says the big action films got his son thinking. “Upon viewing the Lightsaber and Iron Man videos,” Hashimoto said, “my son replied, ‘What if I did that for real-sies, Dad?’”

And the videos answer that question. Enjoy and share.

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